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Kenwood KM098


Cooking Chef KM098 Kenwood

€ 1380,00

Kenwood KM242


Kitchen Machine Kenwood KM242

€ 160,00

Kenwood KM094

Not available

Kitchen Machine KM094+AT910

€ 1349,00

Electrolux EKM4000

Not available

Kitchen Machine EKM4000 Electrolux

€ 299,00

Severin KM3890

Not available

Blender Severin KM3890 + Mixer Accessory

€ 149,00

Kenwood KMX50G

Not available

Blender Kenwood KMX50G

€ 290,00

Kenwood KMX98


Blender Kenwood KMX98

€ 289,00

Kenwood KMX50


Kitchen Robot Kenwood KMX50

€ 289,00

Mulinex HF8000A

Not available

Kitchen Robot Mulinex Companion HF800A

€ 699,00

Kenwood KM282

Not available

KItchen Machine Kenwood KM282

€ 195,00

Kenwood KM286

Not available

Kitchen Machine Kenwood KM286

€ 259,00

Kenwood KM285

Not available

Kitchen Robot Kenwood KM285

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